Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Until Next Time

I close the distance between us. He feels so very perfect against my body. I nuzzle my face in his chest just enough to take in his scent. My hands slide to his waist, under his shirt, around to play along the smoothness of his back. I press my ear to his chest, listen as his response to my closeness increases all of the sounds that lets me know he is here... right now. I respond to his arms now wrapped around me. The warmth begins at my midsection and spreads outward to my digits causing a spark. Skin on skin creates electricity. I want all of my skin to spark. I want his clothes off. I want my clothes off. Skin on skin. I want us to be one in this space and at this time. To see beauty in its raw, uncut state. To get us higher than we've ever flown. To move in sync... we were meant for this. I want it to last until I reach my peak and he takes me there again and again. We then lay together, wrapped in each other's essence. I nuzzle my face in his chest to take in his scent for later. For the aftershocks. Until next time.

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