Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Until Next Time

I close the distance between us. He feels so very perfect against my body. I nuzzle my face in his chest just enough to take in his scent. My hands slide to his waist, under his shirt, around to play along the smoothness of his back. I press my ear to his chest, listen as his response to my closeness increases all of the sounds that lets me know he is here... right now. I respond to his arms now wrapped around me. The warmth begins at my midsection and spreads outward to my digits causing a spark. Skin on skin creates electricity. I want all of my skin to spark. I want his clothes off. I want my clothes off. Skin on skin. I want us to be one in this space and at this time. To see beauty in its raw, uncut state. To get us higher than we've ever flown. To move in sync... we were meant for this. I want it to last until I reach my peak and he takes me there again and again. We then lay together, wrapped in each other's essence. I nuzzle my face in his chest to take in his scent for later. For the aftershocks. Until next time.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Countdown

My birthday is next Tuesday (July 9th) and being the super considerate person that I am I've gone and made a list of gifts you all can get my for my big day.

So, without further ado:

1. A prayer for my friends Hamin and Paul
2. Photo Collage: come take a picture with me
3. Some cake and some ice cream (your birthday is not over until you have cake)
4. A movie night: there are so many free movies this summer in the city and I have an awesome lawn chair ( www.uwishunu.com   )
5. A laugh ( 'memba when... lol. Ya'll know I'm silly)
6. A handwritten letter (I'd like to reignite the lost art)
7. A hug ( not a small juice, an embrace...but warn me before you do it)
8. A donation in any amount to the Epilepsy Foundation ( https://secure2.convio.net/efa/site/Donation2?df_id=1774&1774.donation=form1 )
9. Anything on my Amazon wishlist ( http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/MIVIVITE6QIN )

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Talkin bout good and bad hair

Actually, there's no such thing as bad hair. There's wavy hair, curly hair, coily hair but no bad hair. I learned a bit of hair terminology and more yesterday at the Design Essentials Philly Meet Up hosted by Design Essentials Natural Educator Hermion Songster with special guest, blogger, The Natural Transition (TNT).

When I arrived at the North 52nd Street location I had to take a breath before getting out of my vehicle. There were a few obstacles placed on my path to this event in a short span of time. I was unsure if I would make it on time or make it at all. I had been considering going natural for some time and just had so many questions that I thought  may get answered at this event that I rescheduled everything so that I could attend. And yet some unexpected things came up creating that anxious feeling. But I made it and I was on time.

Upon arriving at the shop, I was greeted warmly, given a name tag, a swag bag, and offered healthy snacks,water, and a seat. I looked around at the unfamiliar faces and their various natural hair styles and was initially intimidated. I'd arrived with a press and curl and the desire to change from having chemically treated hair to having my hair back in its natural state. I had so many questions and was so nervous but I calmed myself and took a seat. The shop layout, the colors and decor, the hostess and special guest helped to put me at ease. I was ready to learn and discuss hair care.

Hermion led the discussion on caring for natural hair. She had models on whom she demonstrated hair styles, eliciting oohs and aahs from the crowd because of the (seemingly) easy to do techniques that were shown and their results.

Hermion went around the room giving guests tips on what Design Essential products to use and when to use them based on their hair type. The Natural Transition offered styling, maintenence and overall positive support.

I am growing out my relaxer and had transition care questions.  Hermion was able to give me individualized attention and at the same time still held the crowd. I learned so much and now have the courage to step outside if my comfort zone because of the knowledge and positive support from Hermion and The Natural Transition.
I will admit that I am hair illiterate but I am planning to use the samples given to try different styles. (I will let you know the ease of use for a layperson with zero hair smarts.)

Although I took notes and could paraphrase, it is better for a woman who is interested in learning more about natural hair maintenence and styling to attend a Design Essentials Meet Up. I'm glad that I was able to attend and would have lost out on a wonderful experience had I received the information second hand. Keep an eye out for the next Meet Up and get there.

One thing I will share with you that Hermion impressed upon the guests is this: Hair care starts within, what you put into your body effects your hair so eating healthy (plenty of water, green leafy vegetables, nuts, etc) is the start to having great hair.

Both HERMION S. BEAUTY BOUTIQUE and THE NATURAL TRANSITION can be found on facebook. THE NATURAL TRANSITION is also on Tumblr and Instagram.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


This morning I woke up with a headache, my mind racing about everything and nothing. And I had the overwhelming need to move.

I did just that.

I usually talk myself out of it or allow something else to draw my attention until a responsibility comes about that I have to attend to. But not today. I have been sedentary long enough for it to begin affecting my psyche. I have not been jogging since October, 2012!

And so, I put on layers of clothes, drove myself to St. Joe's track, and walked/jogged alone.

No groups. No girlfriends. Just me. And my music.

I have to push me. And I did. And I'm grateful for every burning muscle, for every ache and pain. Today, I am better than I was yesterday.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Beginnings

March 26, 2013

New beginnings.... isn't this an oxymoron? Eh. Anyway.

I am a grandma.


He just got here twelve days ago and he is beautiful. I thought that nothing could bring me more joy than being a mother until March 14, 2013 when I witnessed my grandson come into this world.

I think that the birth of a child, his newness and possibilities, shines a beacon of newness and possibilities onto those of us privileged enough to get caught in its rays. I was one of the privileged.

I am ready for the new. I am ready for the possibilities.

Stay tuned.