Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Public Service Announcement

I'm a mom.

My son's father was not a part of his life. I had help with raising my son but it was not help from his biological father in any way.

I do not, however, celebrate Father's Day.

I am not a man, therefore, I can never be a father.

It bothers me when women make the statement, "I'm a mother AND a father."
No. You are a hard working mother and can never be a father. Even if you do EVERYTHING for your child/children you will always be their hardworking mother.
Not taking anything away from the women that raise their children without the fathers, but only a man can be a father.

Fathers bring a unique factor to the equation.  They are the first example of men/manhood to boys and girls. The qualities found in a father are only found in a father. Only a father can teach a boy to be a man and show his daughters what a potential mate should look like when its her time to choose.

Fathers get a bad rap. But they deserve their day just as we deserve ours. Probably more so. Everyone sings and rejoices about their mother. But dads.... what do they get? Ties! LOL. I can think of several songs off the top of my head about moms. Who is singing about their dad though? Go ahead, I'll wait....

Yeah, I can think of one song- Dance with my father. (Luther Vandross sang it but I'm not sure if his version was the original.)

Ladies, we sometimes overstep our boundaries. Let the men be men. And men are fathers. Fathers are involved in every facet of their children's lives. Let's not speak about the ones who don't, let's celebrate the ones that do.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads and Stepdads!

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