Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day One

Hey ya'll!

Well, this feels weird.

I haven't typed a blog post, a line in a story, even a short poem in a while.  I actually haven't been typing anything besides work stuff- you know if its not documented it didn't happen- and an occasional tweet (@KarmaColbert).

Today is May 9, 2012 and in exactly 60 days I will be 35 years old.  I'm not sure why but I become deeply contemplative around the anniversary of my birth.  I know if I give it more than a few seconds of thought I can figure it out... but not now.

I decided that I would attempt to blog every day leading up to my 35th birthday.  Why is 35 so significant? I'll officially be half way old? I'll stop getting carded? I'll actually start living for me? Hmmmm.
I have also gotten back in the gym.  I still have the goal of sliding easily into those no-stretch jeans on the 9th of July. But, honestly, since I have not been consistently working toward that goal it appears to be an unrealistic one at this point in time.  Right now, I just want to be healthy and be able to run a mile without feeling as if my heart will give out.

So, everyday, I'll check in here with my progress- progress on my workouts, my eating habits, my stamina, my writing, and my overall outlook on my personal growth.

Personal Check-In Day One:
I had a fair day. At work, I didn't get done what I planned to get done but that happens- no biggie. Had a bit of an attitude that took a while to shake after work. I've decided that the unshakeable attitude will be attributed to my pending menstrual. TMI? I'm a woman and its a part of life. GET OVER IT!  I did, however, make it to the gym. So this makes day two of sixty in the gym.  I want to workout every day until I'm 35. Then rest on the 9th and start a new regiment on the 10th. As far as my writing, well, this is the first thing that I've written.  I may be getting bored with my work because I am dragging them along.  I recently got my laptop back so things may change. I really, REALLY don't like sitting at this desktop computer. No excuses though.  I want things to change so I have to change them. And when I fuck up. I gotta admit I fucked up. Then I'll kick myself in the ass and get it together. Overall, I feel good. My eating habits aren't the best but they are getting there. I'm working out like I am planning so far.  I'm trying to keep my spirits up...its gonna be tough for the next few days so bare with me.

Thanks for reading.


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