Saturday, March 10, 2012

Workout Update

Ummm, yeah, well... about that....

Three words: Complete and utter FAIL! (Ok, that's four words but whatever.)

I have been to the gym twice since last month. I know! Horrible, right? Well, here's some more bad news: I fell off the wagon again.  Not sunflower seeds- Thank God! But I have been indulging in the crack that McDonald's slings- Mango Pineapple Smoothies.  I told myself I would NEVER go to McDonald's for anything.  Their food and drinks do something awful to my stomach and I can not explain it.  I've also been eating a lot of heavy greasy foods.

So, no exercise AND horrible eating? Well, I'm just asking for a heart attack! That or to just be fat as shit on my trip to New Orleans next month.  We are scheduled to leave on April 12th and what do I do in preparation? GAIN WEIGHT!

Can you say self- saboteur?

Anyway, I'm stuck. I don't have a plan. But I have to DO something!  I have not found a suitable gym partner as of yet. And, honestly, it would probably be better for me to go at it alone.  I find that most times when I work out with someone their goals and methods of weight loss are pushed upon me.  I tried to explain that certain things overwhelm me and I have to just focus on the task at hand but it falls on deaf ears.

So, while I have time to reach my birthday goal, I am running out of time to get right for our girlfriends' weekend in New Orleans.  Now I know that when one is stressed, one should exercise and release those natural relaxants.  I have been highly stressed as of late and it may even be teetering on depression so it would behoove me to force myself to the gym, right? Right.

Hopefully, next month's update is a lot awesome-er. 

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