Monday, January 2, 2012

Why can't we always be good to each other?

I've been a bit emotional lately.  It may be the time of year but I've definitely been emotional.  So much so that I was compelled to write this post.  I've been watching past seasons of Grey's Anatomy lately.  Everyone who is an avid fan of Grey's knows that there are many, many episodes that leave the eye a bit... juicy.  So, Grey's coupled with the end/beginning of the year(s) hub-bub has me turning into Carl Thomas- EMOTIONAL.

Anyway, to get to the point, in one scene in one episode, Izzy, Meredith, and George were lying under the Christmas tree, taking in the lights.  While I do not celebrate Christmas anymore, watching that scene reminded me of when I did celebrate, as a child.  I remember the feeling I had at Christmas time.  Seeing the lights brought back that feeling and I was almost brought to tears.  Yeah, I wanted toys like every other kid but what I loved more was the feeling of the holidays.  The warm home with the beautiful aromas wafting through the air, rooms dimly lit with strings of dancing lights decorating the tree and the mantle.  The goodness, the giving, the upbeat spirit of everyone- family, friends, strangers, and neighbors.

I've always questioned why aren't people good to one another in that same fashion all year long? I loved that feeling, more than the toys, I loved the feeling. People were joyous and caring, loving and sharing.

Watching that episode, brought about a longing for that feeling again.

Why can't we always be good to each other?

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