Saturday, August 18, 2012

Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy


I am a fan of the Bourne series so naturally I had to partake in the viewing of the next in the Bourne series: The Bourne Legacy. My lips are so tight right now and I still have indentations in my arm from pressing my fingertips so hard into my skin. This movie was very disappointing. It's nothing against Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). He's an excellent actor. But the script was trash. I don't know if Tony Gilroy (writer) rushed it or decided to go out on a limb without his "Dream Team" (writers from the previous Bournes). There was no doubt action throughout the movie but that's about it. C'mon, we viewers are smarter than just a few cool fights and some explosions. We saw, and loved, the first three Bournes and expected more of this one. Some of us even read the books by Robert Ludlum.

I was a bit leery about this Bourne without Matt Damon but I understood the premise behind it so I thought I'd give it a shot. I did, however, hope and wish and pray that Matt Damon would at least make a cameo or even cross paths with Number Five to work together on something... or something, anything that would keep Jason Bourne tied in. Well, I was highly disappointed about that too! No Matt Damon. He IS Jason Bourne. He MADE this series. They tied in the last movie with this one which was cool. But that's where the cool ended. The end of the movie especially sucked: "I was hoping we were lost." Again, I'm not knocking Hawkeye. And I love Rachel Weisz and Ed Norton but, er, um, uhh...

Although, I was disappointed in the movie, especially the ending, all is not lost. I still have faith in Bourne. So I'll listen to Extreme Ways by Moby and I'll watch the first three Bournes on DVD until the "Dream Team" decide to get back together and get Matt on board so we can end these shenanigans. I felt it was a waste of time and money.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Public Service Announcement

I'm a mom.

My son's father was not a part of his life. I had help with raising my son but it was not help from his biological father in any way.

I do not, however, celebrate Father's Day.

I am not a man, therefore, I can never be a father.

It bothers me when women make the statement, "I'm a mother AND a father."
No. You are a hard working mother and can never be a father. Even if you do EVERYTHING for your child/children you will always be their hardworking mother.
Not taking anything away from the women that raise their children without the fathers, but only a man can be a father.

Fathers bring a unique factor to the equation.  They are the first example of men/manhood to boys and girls. The qualities found in a father are only found in a father. Only a father can teach a boy to be a man and show his daughters what a potential mate should look like when its her time to choose.

Fathers get a bad rap. But they deserve their day just as we deserve ours. Probably more so. Everyone sings and rejoices about their mother. But dads.... what do they get? Ties! LOL. I can think of several songs off the top of my head about moms. Who is singing about their dad though? Go ahead, I'll wait....

Yeah, I can think of one song- Dance with my father. (Luther Vandross sang it but I'm not sure if his version was the original.)

Ladies, we sometimes overstep our boundaries. Let the men be men. And men are fathers. Fathers are involved in every facet of their children's lives. Let's not speak about the ones who don't, let's celebrate the ones that do.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads and Stepdads!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Two

Well, ummm.... no gym today. But for good reason. My son, my only child, had an athletic awards ceremony tonight so I went to work and went to support my only child.  He plays basketball.  Point guard. He received the MVP, All-Conference, and All-Tournament. Soooo, not so much today but so much all at the same time.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day One

Hey ya'll!

Well, this feels weird.

I haven't typed a blog post, a line in a story, even a short poem in a while.  I actually haven't been typing anything besides work stuff- you know if its not documented it didn't happen- and an occasional tweet (@KarmaColbert).

Today is May 9, 2012 and in exactly 60 days I will be 35 years old.  I'm not sure why but I become deeply contemplative around the anniversary of my birth.  I know if I give it more than a few seconds of thought I can figure it out... but not now.

I decided that I would attempt to blog every day leading up to my 35th birthday.  Why is 35 so significant? I'll officially be half way old? I'll stop getting carded? I'll actually start living for me? Hmmmm.
I have also gotten back in the gym.  I still have the goal of sliding easily into those no-stretch jeans on the 9th of July. But, honestly, since I have not been consistently working toward that goal it appears to be an unrealistic one at this point in time.  Right now, I just want to be healthy and be able to run a mile without feeling as if my heart will give out.

So, everyday, I'll check in here with my progress- progress on my workouts, my eating habits, my stamina, my writing, and my overall outlook on my personal growth.

Personal Check-In Day One:
I had a fair day. At work, I didn't get done what I planned to get done but that happens- no biggie. Had a bit of an attitude that took a while to shake after work. I've decided that the unshakeable attitude will be attributed to my pending menstrual. TMI? I'm a woman and its a part of life. GET OVER IT!  I did, however, make it to the gym. So this makes day two of sixty in the gym.  I want to workout every day until I'm 35. Then rest on the 9th and start a new regiment on the 10th. As far as my writing, well, this is the first thing that I've written.  I may be getting bored with my work because I am dragging them along.  I recently got my laptop back so things may change. I really, REALLY don't like sitting at this desktop computer. No excuses though.  I want things to change so I have to change them. And when I fuck up. I gotta admit I fucked up. Then I'll kick myself in the ass and get it together. Overall, I feel good. My eating habits aren't the best but they are getting there. I'm working out like I am planning so far.  I'm trying to keep my spirits up...its gonna be tough for the next few days so bare with me.

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Workout Update

Ummm, yeah, well... about that....

Three words: Complete and utter FAIL! (Ok, that's four words but whatever.)

I have been to the gym twice since last month. I know! Horrible, right? Well, here's some more bad news: I fell off the wagon again.  Not sunflower seeds- Thank God! But I have been indulging in the crack that McDonald's slings- Mango Pineapple Smoothies.  I told myself I would NEVER go to McDonald's for anything.  Their food and drinks do something awful to my stomach and I can not explain it.  I've also been eating a lot of heavy greasy foods.

So, no exercise AND horrible eating? Well, I'm just asking for a heart attack! That or to just be fat as shit on my trip to New Orleans next month.  We are scheduled to leave on April 12th and what do I do in preparation? GAIN WEIGHT!

Can you say self- saboteur?

Anyway, I'm stuck. I don't have a plan. But I have to DO something!  I have not found a suitable gym partner as of yet. And, honestly, it would probably be better for me to go at it alone.  I find that most times when I work out with someone their goals and methods of weight loss are pushed upon me.  I tried to explain that certain things overwhelm me and I have to just focus on the task at hand but it falls on deaf ears.

So, while I have time to reach my birthday goal, I am running out of time to get right for our girlfriends' weekend in New Orleans.  Now I know that when one is stressed, one should exercise and release those natural relaxants.  I have been highly stressed as of late and it may even be teetering on depression so it would behoove me to force myself to the gym, right? Right.

Hopefully, next month's update is a lot awesome-er. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Workout Update

I started out great!

See- I wrote this on 1.8.12:

I know I said I would update once a month but I'll forget.

I also wanted to put in writing how proud I am of myself.

I've been to the gym every morning this week! I've exercised each day between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minutes.  I've cut down on snacks, sodas, and fried foods.  But I had one moment of doubt.  That happened today (01.08.12).  I was on the treadmill today and a few machines away was a tall, thin woman tearing up the treadmill.  For a moment, I didn't want to be there, near this statuesque woman.  Then I had a talk with myself. I said, "I can't change my height. I'm 5'6". I can change my weight however I cannot change my body frame and if I were to get to her weight the rumors would begin: you know she's smokin' crack...."

I saw the difference in how I felt and looked after only about two weeks of working out and watching what I ate.

Then I fell off dramatically.

I haven't been to the gym in two and a half weeks. I haven't worked out at home in a week in a half.
AND I fell off the wagon and began eating terribly again- breads and fried foods and SNACKS! Not to mention sodas....dammit.  We all got sick two weeks ago then everything went to shit!

I need a kick in the ass and this is where an awesome workout partner would come in handy. A kick ass partner. One who will call me at 5:30am and say,"Get your fat, unhealthy ass outta bed and meet me at the gym! NOW!" Because THAT'S what I need to hear sometimes. It slips my mind that I have hypertension (AKA high blood pressure) that I am taking medication DAILY to maintain and that I don't want to DIE from something preventable. And sometimes it slips my mind that I want to be able to walk up the stairs without huffing and puffing. Oh, and sometimes it slips my mind that I want to look better in my clothes. So, yeah, I NEED that sometimes.

But until then, I'll have to motivate and re-motivate myself.  Tonight, before bed, I will try on those jeans.  That'll definitely get my ass up and out in the morning.  My original goal was to get into the motivation jeans comfortably by July. Well, I have to get at least half way there by April because my girlfriends and I have booked a girls weekend getaway in New Orleans and I have to be ready for that.

Gym tomorrow. Prep today.

Hoisting myself back upon the wagon. Twitter handle: @karmacolbert

Monday, January 2, 2012

Why can't we always be good to each other?

I've been a bit emotional lately.  It may be the time of year but I've definitely been emotional.  So much so that I was compelled to write this post.  I've been watching past seasons of Grey's Anatomy lately.  Everyone who is an avid fan of Grey's knows that there are many, many episodes that leave the eye a bit... juicy.  So, Grey's coupled with the end/beginning of the year(s) hub-bub has me turning into Carl Thomas- EMOTIONAL.

Anyway, to get to the point, in one scene in one episode, Izzy, Meredith, and George were lying under the Christmas tree, taking in the lights.  While I do not celebrate Christmas anymore, watching that scene reminded me of when I did celebrate, as a child.  I remember the feeling I had at Christmas time.  Seeing the lights brought back that feeling and I was almost brought to tears.  Yeah, I wanted toys like every other kid but what I loved more was the feeling of the holidays.  The warm home with the beautiful aromas wafting through the air, rooms dimly lit with strings of dancing lights decorating the tree and the mantle.  The goodness, the giving, the upbeat spirit of everyone- family, friends, strangers, and neighbors.

I've always questioned why aren't people good to one another in that same fashion all year long? I loved that feeling, more than the toys, I loved the feeling. People were joyous and caring, loving and sharing.

Watching that episode, brought about a longing for that feeling again.

Why can't we always be good to each other?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012... this year will be better

I put a countdown ticker on my page not only to remind me that I will officially be in my "mid 30's" in a few short months but to also give me a visual of how much time I have to meet a goal I set for myself.  Yes, the ole weight loss goal.  I am tired of the extra pounds I'm carrying around. It literally amounts to that of a toddler. I'm carrying around a toddler! I no longer choose to spend time trying to find clothes to camouflage a roll or a bulge.  I have a pair of jeans that I need to wear on my 35th birthday. These jeans have no stretch in them. Ladies, you know what that means. I will not set a target weight though.  My goal is to live healthier, build my endurance and strength, and to GET IN THOSE JEANS!  

Each month I will post my progress.  I have joined the gym and have been focusing my mind on healthier foods.  My eating habits have been a major hurdle in the past but I hope to overcome this issue before I turn 35.  I will not track my weight loss on this blog though. What I will do is post my progress in exercise, endurance, and how my clothes fit.

The next picture of these jeans will be taken on July 9, 2012.... on me!  Stay tuned....

(BTW... feel free to form a cheering section! I will make me feel all ooey gooey on the inside! LOL!)