Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Round Two- Ding, Ding (#ROW80)

Its early, I know.  But I'm starting out on the ropes... had a small procedure today and the Valium had me loopy all day.

I'm saying all that to say NO WRITING went down today! I did read about writing though! Got some good advice from Connie Briscoe (not directly from her though, LOL!).  Read her article on outlining.

I have some time off before I start my new job so I am confident that I will get myself back on track with actual writing.

My goals for this round are simple:

1. I will devote certain days to certain tasks-

Sunday: Research and Blogging

Monday: Bree (WIP)

Wednesday: Other WIPs (editing, transcribing, etc.)

2. Write when I can on the other days of the week. I'll call them BONUS DAYS!

3. Make due dates for my WIP(s), post them on my visual board, and meet them!

Good luck ROWers! Don't give up even if you're on the ropes.... the ROCKY spirit is in us all!


  1. Good luck on your goals!

    You decided yet how to measure them?

  2. *Rocky theme*
    Oh yeah, I'm going to have that in my head all day. Not a bad thing!

    Writing on Valium, probably best that you didn't. ;) Hope everything is a-okay. Good luck on getting off the rope and giving those writing goals a good one-two punch.

  3. Good luck with your new job and with your goals! :)

  4. I get sooooo excited when I get comments on my blog. I am such a nerd! LOL!

    @Katja- Thanks. I'm still working on those... keep ya posted!

    @Katherine- Sorry. Not really. The Rocky Theme is a lullaby for all Philadelphians! LOL! j/k Thank you! And yeah, WWV (writing while on valium) is not recommended! LOL!

    @cmstewartwrite- Thank you!