Monday, April 4, 2011

Part Deux #ROW80

I would love to write everyday.  But my life, at this time, does not allow for me to write daily.  So #ROW80 is perfect for my life.

I create goals that work for my life. 

I check in with other writers, support them and receive support.

And most importantly, I am WRITING!

During the first round, I found what did not work for me at the time. Now, I am soon to embark on a new career and I'm not sure how to incorporate my writing into my new career schedule.  I am expecting to change my goals a few times during this round also. 

Here are my goals for Round Two:

1. I will devote certain days to certain tasks-

Sunday: Research and Blogging

Monday: Bree (WIP)

Wednesday: Other WIPs (editing, transcribing, etc.)

2. Write when I can on the other days of the week. I'll call them BONUS DAYS!

3. Make due dates for my WIP(s), post them on my visual board, and meet them!

I think these goals are reasonable and doable.  I haven't began my new job yet so we'll see.... but I continue to be the Little Engine That Could!


  1. Good luck with your goal! I'm doing ROW80 for the first time and hope to finish my WIP.

  2. I didn't accomplish all of my goals the first round, but I got so much support and some good writing in, that I am happy to start Round 2! Look forward to hearing about your progress (and the new job.)

  3. Welcome Ghenet! Thank you ladies! And good luck to you as well.

  4. It's not always WHEN you finish, but, the fact that you continue to make progress towards the goal of finishing! I'm so proud of you NeeNee. Your honesty will get you very far in achieving your goals. One of the keys to success is being open and flexible enough to make necessary adjustments instead of giving up! I applaud your efforts and CONGRATS on the new job!

  5. Thank you TWC. Your encouragement is very much appreciated.