Thursday, March 17, 2011

Winding down... where did I wind up? (#ROW80 update)

When I joined an awesome group of brave people on January 3, 2011 to take on the #ROW80 challenge I was very excited and determined to write and to write everyday.  

I did not meet that goal.

Life happened.

So, I did what many of us do- I beat myself up a little.  But then I realized that goals can be reworked to fit into our lives.  So I reworked them a couple times to find what fit into my life. 

Here are my last #ROW80 goals (reworked):
1. I will organize my WIPs so I can begin again
2. I will write, at minimum, twice per week on at least one of my WIPs
3. I will research freelance article writing by the end of Round One (yes, I have now included research in my goals)
4. I will begin an article in Round One to be submitted in Round Two
5. I will set up my blog geared toward article writing by the end of Round One.

Well, I am happy to report.... these don't work for my life either! (LOL!)  I did organize my WIPs to begin again and I have been writing, on average, three to four days per week.  But, everything having to do with article writing has been put on hold.

Life happens.

My sister was hospitalized.  I interviewed for a new job.  I am incorporating more exercise into my life so my body has been shutting down to rebuild itself.  My husband and I are trying to get our cleaning business off of the ground so writing a business plan has become a priority.

The best thing that's going on is that I AM STILL WRITING

I've set due dates for myself and my WIP scenes and its (kinda) been working.  For example: Get MC from Georgia to Philadelphia by 03.06.11. He didn't make it to Philly by the 6th but he arrived on the 12th.  I was so excited that he arrived. I told my husband, "He's here!" and I often refer to him by name like we all are old friends. (My husband has met him briefly.) He has sort of taken over and none of my other characters can get a word in.  He and I need to have a conversation....

Although this round has been rough for me, it has definitely been a great experience. I've met so many wonderful writers and I've learned so much about writing and about myself.



  1. Heh. I so get this. I've gone from a semi-invalid to someone in tennis shoes, with the attendant responsibilities of an average stay-at-home mom (one who still needs to prop the feet up every now and then). I'm still writing poetry, still dig in briefly to the story, but there is a LOT of real life to catch up on. No excuses. Congrats on your re-plotting and it STILL sounds like progress to me!!

    Take care,


  2. thank you. and great job on sticking with your writing amongst all of the real life happenings