Sunday, January 9, 2011

ROW80 Check In- #2

Well.... *hiding my face* This, this has been a rough week. And here I am again not having met my writing goals.  I would like to thank you all for your encouragement.  Its a little easier to get back into writing and reaching goals when I know that there are people supporting me on my journey.  I think that support, more than the actual output, is worth more to me.  So again, I thank you.

Now, what do I do with these writing goals?  When I'm at work I think about my characters and storyline (as much as I can) but I cannot type (or even write, most times) my thoughts.  Does thinking about your story count for anything?  I guess I would have to work that into my goals, huh? I won't.  Feels like cheating.  Tomorrow is a new day though and it also happens to be my Friday. I am planning on getting my hair braided tomorrow after work (this frees up lots of time to write because I'm not sitting in the salon for hours each week or fretting over my hair daily).  Then, I plan to get snowed in, alone, on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Two full days of uninterrupted writing will definitely get me back on track with my goals.  The best thing for me is that I am not giving up.  If I slip seven times, I'll pick myself up eight (I read a variation of this saying somewhere).


  1. Can you write while in the salon? If you can, that's a solid block of time you can use. Keep trying!

  2. Finding time to write can be hard but maybe you can find a few minutes here and there to scribble down your thoughts? At the salon, on the commute, on the loo? :P
    Good luck for next week!

  3. If you're at a computer at work, you can use to get something down. I love that website!

  4. Thank you for the advice. Cathryn, it is almost impossible to focus on anything but gossip (even if you don't join in) while you are in the salon! LOL! Tanja- the loo? LOL! I am assuming that is your public transportation system. I'm in Philadelphia and our system is SEPTA. If you are smart, you will not take your eyes off of your surroundings while traveling to and fro. But thank you... besides I drive to and from work so no writing but *light bulb pops up above head* maybe I can get a recorder and talk it out! Oh, wait, who's going to transcribe it? *sigh* I'll think about the feasibility of that idea. Belinda, I do not have a computer at work however I will check out this website. Thanks!