Monday, January 3, 2011

And in this corner, Nee Nee- Round One *ding, ding*

I found a writing challenge that is more "my speed," literally.  Its called A Round of Words in 80 days and the goals are my own so I will not be breaking out in hives because I did not reach 50,000 words in 30 days! (Great news for me and my face because that's where the hives LOVE to congregate!).  So its basically writing with a support team.  We check in twice per week, get inspirational postings through each of the four rounds of the year, and get to chat/gather on Twitter via #ROW80.  A community of writers who actually have lives and responsibilities (sigh)... what more could a girl ask for? *tear* I could ask for more but this is an excellent beginning to my year....

My #ROW80 Goals:
I will write for at least one hour each day.  Ideally, I will write between 7pm and 8pm EST but because I actually have a life and things happen beyond my control, I reserve the right to change the actual time yet stick to the duration.  During my writing hour (or more) I will NOT turn on my Tweetdeck or the television or the radio (ok, maybe the radio can stay) but I will turn off my phone.  I can live without my phone for an hour (I think... I hope... sheesh, withdrawal symptoms are creeping upon me as I type.) I have been developing my storyline and characters for about a week now and still have more to work on but my research/development time will not be counted as writing time.  

I'm excited about #ROW80 and excited about my story! A toast to all that are participating (I would actually have a drink but its still "light-time"... I can't drink while the sun is up! Yep, I'm THAT person!)  


  1. Good luck with your goals for this round. And here's hoping that the phone withdrawal symptoms aren't too bad and don't last too long!

  2. Thanks catewrites! I'll tweet (#ROW80) this evening after my first go at it... *fingers crossed*

  3. Good luck! I can never stick to "I will write for this long at this time" methods because of work (and once uni starts again it will get even worse), so I'm hoping my "I'll finish a chapter every fortnight" method will get me over the line.
    I have no problem with my phone, but I have to watch that Twitter and Facebook don't eat all my writing time :(
    Best of luck!

  4. Ok, I know I'm supposed to be writing about...writing. Anyway- I can't help these movies quotes in my head. I saw your name (Rebecca) and a part from an old Pauly Shore movie, Son In Law, played in my head when he's singing, "...what do you feed a hungry maaaaaannn? -sing it Rebecca!" (but she clearly doesn't know the commercial he's singing)Why did I watch that movie? And a better question: Why/how was/is it funny to me? LOL @ me! But seriously, thank you for the encouragement. I reached my goal for the day. It was a little difficult because the more I typed, the more my husband wanted to talk- to me, near me, in earshot of my workspace.... and now that I'm done that part he's quiet! Hope you meet your goal as well. I know how crazy work can get!

  5. Good luck on your WIP and good luck with your phone withdrawl! I don't know that I could be without my Crackberry. ;-)