Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Writing prompt 12.08.10: What do you think happens after we die?

Actually, I try NOT to think about it because I think too much.  After we die, life goes on- for everything and everybody else.  I like  Alice Sebold's idea that we all experience our own version of heaven that may or may not overlap with other people's heavens.  Think happy thoughts, right?  Maybe it depends on how a person died.  In The Lovely Bones, Suzie Salmon (like the fish) was murdered at age 14 (I think) by a pedophile and most of her heaven was bright and fun. In the movie, What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams' wife committed suicide and she had to spend eternity in her own misery.  I know these are movies, made for entertainment purposes. In reality, my faith tells me that we all (humans) are imperfect and will spend time in the hellfire but the weight of your good deeds will determine how long your stay lasts.  So a person can be there for a millisecond or a trillion eons (or some other unfathomable amount of time).  So, to the question 'What do I think happens after we die?', I don't know- don't even have an Alice Sebold-style depiction, but I don't want to get to the upper room (death) without a scale heavy with good deeds.

Now, I tried this writing prompt thing... didn't really like this one so what I'll do is just pick and choose from all of the prompts available without paying attention to the dates. 

Tomorrow.... I will be better!


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