Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I found something else to ease the pain...

The pain I'm referring to is the emotional roller coaster that my mojo has me on.  Sometimes its here and we are in love and other times... well (sigh). I found (IDK how) a site that where people push to blog everyday.  I was just thinking about doing that on December 1st then today I stumble on this site: NaBloPoMo.com - National Blog Post Month.  They even give prompts! Now, my goal was to start with today's prompt then double up each day until I've used the prompts I missed since December 1st and remain up to date with the prompts.... but, I just looked at the time after realizing my eyes were getting heavy that its close to bedtime and I have to work in the morning. 4am wake up! Sooooo, I'll start tomorrow. Promise.

PS- I'd like to give a s/o to my new follower, Gordon.  Thanks. You just don't know how you've motivated me just by checking out my posts. There will be more, exciting posts! You'll see, you'll see! LOL! (Now I know I'm sleepy because I'm laughing out loud, literally, to my own horrible attempt at humor! HA! GN.)

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