Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Steps

I don't know about you but I feel overly protective of my writing. My words are personal. They are my babies. Everyone is not worthy. I know, I know they're just words. But they're my words, personal, meaningful- to me, at least. I've found difficulty over the years in sharing my writing with others. I would make sure my high school English teacher would return my assignments, poetry and prose-even essays. Unfortunately, I was not able to have all of my writing returned to me (at that time 3 1/2 inch floppys were still fairly new). My high school English teacher passed away, her work, her life unfinished. She was tough as nails but I later appreciated her style. Although I benefited from her teachings, I was also scarred by her death. She lost her life and I lost my words- and my nerve. I hope I don't sound trivial but I'll never get them back, or her guidance. Well, recently I've been trying to let go of my fears. I'm taking baby steps. A few weeks ago I conducted a phone interview for my friend's entertainment website. It took two weeks for me to push send. I typed the interview, edited it. Edited it again. Contacted the interviewee to "check facts." Edited it again. I finally emailed it three days ago and I avoided my friend for a day and a half for fear of his virtual red pen. My friend, the middle school teacher. When I finally spoke with him, via telephone, I covered my eyes with my hands as if I were watching a scary movie and asked, "So... what did you think of the article?" I held my breathe. "Very good." Two words and I was able to breathe again. Those two words mean so much more coming from a teacher. Phew, I thought, glad he didn't have to pull out the red pen AND the ruler.

My baby steps did not land me flat on my face but I am by no means ready to full out sprint. So please, check out my first "very good" article to be published. It should be posted by Friday (9.3.10). Go to to read it. Enjoy!

(Oh and after you read it come back and post your comments here! Thanks!)