Monday, August 2, 2010

Skate for Life

So, yesterday I went roller skating with a friend. I haven't been on roller skates in several years so needless to say I was a little rusty. Thankfully, we arrived early, before the expert crowd, so I was able to go around the rink a few times. I am very proud to say that I did not fall! I watched as the regulars poured in and that was my que to exit stage left... I rolled to the bench and watched from the sidelines. I don't mind watching, you can learn a great deal.

As the experts, the "black-skate people" (I call them that because all of the good skaters wear black skates- ok, some wear white but the point is they all own their skates and wouldn't be caught dead in brown rental skates like the ones I had been sporting), whizzed by me in trains or couples or solo- forward, backward- doing tricks and dance routines. I could feel the energy... and the cool breeze they stirred up with their speed. I looked at their faces and saw happiness, sheer carefree enjoyment flowing, mixing with the sweat that covered their faces and backs. Of course the nerd in me said, "Wow, those endorphins sure did kick in... must be the most awesome feeling!" Only MY nerd would come out at a roller skating rink! Anyway, I noticed the variety of people whizzing by and thought that many of these people, probably, would not regularly hang out together but the love of skating and the skill involved had brought all of these different people together. Young people, ummm- mature people, tall people, short people, thin people, not-so-thin people, attractive people, people with nice didn't matter who you were or what you look like, all that mattered were the skills you have and the beat you could catch. I saw a guy skate by a few hundred times who I could easily picture in a suit and tie, he was very "clean cut." I saw moms and daughters skating together, in sync. There was a guy on the floor who appeared to be absolutely crazy but in that space and time he belonged- and had major skills! I saw an old pimp... he had to be because what man still has a process with hair past his shoulders? An old pimp!

But seriously, in looking at the contented faces of all of the different people I thought, "This is the answer! Roller skating can be the glue of camaraderie that we need to improve our circumstances." I know, I know, optimistic, idealistic, unrealistic... but a girl can dream, right? Skate for life- no one is fighting, everyone is healthy, energetic, smiling, talking, laughing, helping, playing... taking a few hours to enjoy the simplest thing- going around in circles, to music, on boots with wheels on a smooth surface, high on life from within. Can life be any simpler?

Can't we all just skate in sync?

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